Prelude Multi-Manager Model

We both raise and deploy capital via long-term relationships designed to withstand the cyclicality of diverse markets and strategies. Our bespoke, innovative investment structuring solutions aim to isolate alpha for our investors and enable us to more fully align incentives with our best-in-class underlying manager partners.

  • Risk management and technology underpin our structure

  • Investment selection is guided by our framework

Philosophy of Structured Alpha

Structure is our strategy

Prelude’s structured approach is centered around achieving superior incentive alignment, risk management and consistent implementation – resulting in persistent, idiosyncratic sources of alpha.

Risk Management
Investment Selection

Structural Risk Management

Prelude has more than a decade of experience developing and refining a risk team, processes, systems and culture that are unique to our distinctive structured investment approach. Our dedicated global risk team is complemented by our additional 40+ employees across investments, operations, legal and senior management who collaborate to implement our comprehensive risk program and culture on a 24-hour basis.

  • Teams

    Our risk, data and technology effort operates simultaneously out of our offices in New York and Hong Kong, effecting continuous global coverage.

  • Systems

    Our extensive proprietary risk systems have been developed specifically for the Prelude investment model and facilitate our unique real-time monitoring across our global portfolio.

  • Processes

    Prior to investment, and on an ongoing basis thereafter, various risk analyses and subsequent recommendations are a key aspect of daily operations.

  • Culture

    Risk management is implemented not just at the portfolio level, but in the culture of constant collaboration between investment, operations, risk and senior management staff.

Structural Investment Selection

Overseen by Co-Heads of our manager research team, local investment staff in New York, London, Hong Kong and Shanghai collaborate to uncover investment opportunities that, within our proprietary structured approach, are expected to deliver attractive risk-adjusted returns to our investors. Deep investment in our teams and operational diligence are key features of our process.

  • Team

    Our Investment team draws upon deep, local industry and structuring experience in evaluating potential investment opportunities. In many cases, eventual allocations are the result of years-long relationships.

  • Diligence

    Investment and operational diligence feature heavily in our investment allocation decisions and are supported by a dedicated in-house compliance team with staff in both New York and Hong Kong.

  • Process/Risk

    Investment research and other standard diligence considerations are evaluated by various teams across the firm alongside key risk metrics as part of each allocation process.

  • Allocations

    In addition to explicit, bespoke structural risk mitigation and a dynamic internal hedging program, our allocations are highly liquid and are well-diversified across geographies and strategy types.

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